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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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max 8 jets. the crash of the 737 in ethiopia comes less than six months after the same exact model plane crashed in indonesia. >> investigators are trying to determine what caused the most recent crash, there are questions about the safety of boeing's best-selling aircraft. dianne feinstein sent a letter to the agency asking them to ground the 737 max 8 . she wrote continuing to fly an airplane has been involved in two fatal crashes within just six months prisons and unnecessary potentially life- threatening risk. other countries including china, indonesia and in europe you have temporarily grounded their tran04s. until more is learned about this latest crash. in the united states, southwest
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airlines has 34 of the planes and cooperation. american airlines has 24 of that model aircraft. the crash in ethiopia is similar to the crash of a 737 max 8 in indonesia. both crashed shortly after takeoff in reno show them pitching up and down before crashing. the lion air flight in october crashed in the ocean near jakarta killing all 189 people on board. the cause is still under investigation but aviation experts have raised the possibility that the planes software was partly to blame. the country has grounded the 737 max 8 describes the move as a caution. >> this does not mean the incident was related to defects on the specific fleet. >> the faa is looking into similarities between the two crashes it says it is too soon to draw any conclusions.
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eight americans were among the passengers killed in the latest crash in ethiopia. the victims of flight 302 came from 35 different countries. they were professors, aid workers and vacationers. at least 20 to work for agencies affiliated with the united nations. they were headed to an environmental conference in nairobi. two brothers from redding were among the passengers killed. melvin and bennett were on vacation and had spent time in australia and mogadishu before boarding the jet in ethiopia. the two brothers attended st. joseph's catholic school in redding when they were children. today people left flowers and candles outside the parish church as a tribute to the two brothers. a woman who works for san francisco nonprofit was also on board that flight. is planning to be her next week for a conference.
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>> jana katsuyama is here with her story and the concerns of others flying with that same aircraft. joke i spoke with her coworkers in san francisco and they are shocked. they said they were looking forward to seeing her here next week for that conference and it has not just taken down but also passengers who are on that same type of aircraft flying here into sfo tonight.>> reporter: at sfo monday evening, several flights using the 737 max 8 taxi into the gate. passengers on one air canada flight said they had been thinking about the ethiopian airline crash when they saw their plane was the same model. >> i was actually pretty terrified once i set my seat and saw the little card that said the 737 max 8 . i was pretty terrified for a little bit there. >> reporter: the fatal crash also struck at the heart of tech workers in the bay area. at tech soup, employees learned that a colleague was one of the passengers aboard the ethiopian airlines flight that crashed. >> very painful, incredibly
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sad. >> reporter: paul workforce leak closer who is based in our office in nairobi. she was to fly into san francisco next week for a tech soup conference. >> very kind and the way she will work with the people around her. she leaves behind small children and a husband, which in many ways makes it even harder. >> reporter: a working mother who had a passion to help nonprofits access technologies in her home country of kenya and throughout africa. >> she did that with passion and drive. i think that has always come across to me as someone who is really trying to make things work. >> reporter: as her coworkers grieve, many people nationwide debate whether the faa should ground the 737 max 8 to prevent other loss. >> i don't think they should fly the planes if they are having problems with them. >> i did not realize i was flying on the same type of
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aircraft. >> if it is inspected and found good to go, i don't think they should all be grounded.>> reporter: passengers can check with their air later or check sites like flight to see if their flight is going to be on that boeing 737 max 8 aircraft. they say that if you want to change or cancel your flight because the faa has not grounded the plane, they likely will not get a refund. >> jana katsuyama at sfo. stay with us for continuing coverage. we will bring you any new information from boeing and the faa as it develops. san jose police have made an arrest in connection with a homicide. the body of 55-year-old mandy larson was found inside a home or no feel way on february 28. the corner set larson died from sharp force injuries to her neck and torso.
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lease did not name the suspect to has now been arrested or rebuilt motive. motor suicide at santa rosa mall and a nearby neighborhood has left for children without their parents. police identified the gunman and his victim. his wife of 27 years. investigators say she was ambushed and defenseless as she arrived at the fitness club. debora is at cutting tim mall tonight. >> reporter: julie, apparently she wanted to end the marriage in this was the violent response. 43-year-old paula zamora arrived for her usual workout with no idea her estranged husband was waiting. >> she had no idea this was coming. she was the victim was ambushed in the parking lot. >> reporter: most stores were still closed at 8 p.m. what gunfire turned the small into a murder scene. 43-year-old paula zamora never made it into the gym and in fact still had on her seatbelt
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and the motor running in her suv with her estranged husband tomas zamora-martinez shot her several times to the drivers window. she had just dropped their youngest children, eight and 16, at school. >> the kids were dropped off she was doing her routine of going to the gym. her estranged husband knew this and i believe he was lying in wait. >> reporter: she was declared dead at the hospital. a few blocks away gunman's vehicle was spotted with the window blown out. he taken his own life near the apartment complex where he had been living with relatives for the past few months. hours later residents remove the remnants of the shooting. many had seen the glass and assumed it was an auto break in. >> i saw the window shattered and injured running and i was going to go over there to find out if they were okay. i am glad i didn't go over there.>> reporter: neighbors were friendly with tomas zamora- martinez since his move here and she had alluded to problems in his 27 year marriage. but this violent turn they didn't see coming.
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>> you never would've thought he was so distraught. my boyfriend said, just because he is friendly and polite doesn't mean he is not struggling with something.>> reporter: several of the gunman's relative gather. police are interviewing them and paula zamora's family who may have seen him. >> we are talking to some of the family members. there have been some.. >> reporter: fear, but no report to authorities. please help this is a call to action for those at risk or experiencing domestic violence to report and find available resources. >> it is really a heartbreaking situation for us to see. >> reporter: the couple had four children between eight and 25 years old. paula zamora had told her family she was ready to move ahead with divorce. her husband refused. police will examine this case closely for any red flags that were missed. reporting live in santa rosa, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney plans to hold
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conference in los angeles to discuss the tragic killing of her son. she arrived at her son's dorm room at usc today to make final arrangements to bring his body back to oakland. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney was shot and killed during a robbery attempt early yesterday morning just about one mile from campus. he was an avid drummer and jazz musician and had recently transferred to usc from cal state east bay. >> she is always a genuine person even though he had his skills, talents and musicality. he was always very genuine. >> this is the second loss for councilwoman lynette gibson- mcelhaney. in 2015, a ,17 she helped raise and viewed as a grandson was killed in a shooting in west oakland during another robbery attempt. tesla ceo elon musk is claiming he should not be held in contempt of court for a number of tweets that appeared to mislead investors.
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last month he said on twitter that the company would make half 1 million cars this year. he later clarified that the total deliveries would be closer to 400,000. the securities and exchange commission claims that was a violation of a settlement agreement it reached with muscat last year after he tweeted he had secured funding to take tesla private. in a court filing, must accuse them of retaliation after he said publicly that he did not respect the agency. track court documents released today show google paid a former executive $35 million as part of an exit passage after he was accused of sexual harassment. amit singhal was forced to resign in 2016 following claims that he groped a female employee at an off-site event. details of the settlement were revealed as part of lawsuit brought by shareholders upset with google's payment made to executives accused of misconduct. the mayor of semper cisco announced her pick to lead the public defender's office following the unexpected death of jeff adachi.
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christian was at city hall where the mayor chose manohar raju, a department insider to hold the position until an election in november. >> reporter: mayor london breed made the announcement today that she picked a familiar face to leave the public defender's office. >> i am proud to announce that i have chosen to appoint manohar raju as the next public defender of the city and county of san francisco. >> reporter: manohar raju has 18 years experience as a public defender and 11 in san francisco. is experience and site templates is goes criminal justice and will be critical going forward. >> if you haven't done that you can't have this deep understanding of what we do day in and day out. our office is so relieved the mayor appointed someone in- house who understands our daily struggles.>> reporter: matt gonzalez has been leaving the office since jeff adachi's unexpected death last month.
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he was found unresponsive in an apartment on figure 22nd. we have been calling the medical examiner's office but last report it was still under investigation. gonzalez said he was interested in taking over the office and that the job what to the right person. >> i did work with them on their selection process. when i say i am very pleased with it, this is the choice i would have made.>> reporter: manohar raju had already made plans to speak to staff about leaving the office for work and she looks forward to running officially in november. >> as elected public defender we can in many ways push for what we think is right because we are elected. >> reporter: he will begin assuming some responsibilities but he has it been sworn in because he doesn't live in san francisco. he will have to move there from
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alameda county before he is sworn in. in the meantime he will be working closely with matt gonzalez. a possible addition to the cal state system. coming up, where the new campus may be built. a man arrested for making criminal threats against google. how police were tipped off and why he was so angry. it is warming up out there as we get to a dry week ahead. your forecast is next.
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santa clara police have joined the growing list of law enforcement agencies dealing with a huge spike in car thefts. police said there have been 748 car break-ins in santa clara so far this year. that is more than double the number at the same time last year. officers obviously urge car owners to keep items on the plain sight, especially cell phones, laptops and garage remotes. they say criminals like to window shop and if there is
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nothing in the car they are less likely to break and. and anger youtube or from doing what is behind bars accused of making criminal threats against google. police say he drove all the way from maine to mountain view to confront the company. this case is very similar to a shooting at youtube in san bruno almost one year ago.>> reporter: visible police presence as google headquarters on monday as police arrested this man, 33-year-old kyle long. police say he drove more than 3500 miles from his home in waterville, maine, to mountain view, threatening physical harm. >> he was upset at google and youtube for shutting down his youtube channel and monetizing his videos. >> reporter: mountain view police arrested kyle long after spotting his truck near highway 101. inside his truck police found three baseball bats. >> he drove from maine to hear and that speaks a lot to how upset he was.
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>> reporter: last april, when women drove to youtube frustrated with them for decreasing the abuse on her channel. she fired in shooting at three people before killing herself. eduardo herrero works at charlie's cafi inside google plex. >> it's just crazy. >> reporter: i was i was state police tipped off mountain view police. why did they not detain him? >> in iowa, there was nothing that could have prevented them. there was no legal reason to detain him. >> reporter: i spoke with kyle's father over the phone and he said his son suffers from bipolar disorder and has full-blown manic episodes.
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he says his son was never the same after age 16 he spent 10 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. he was the driver in a dui crash that killed his friend.>> reporter:'s bail is set for $25,000. his first court appearance is on wednesday. in san jose, azenith smith . stockton is in the running to become the home of new california state university campus. a tour of the proposed site took place at university park. they say they need a new campus to meet demand from students. >> the state has a real problem, which is that last year we turned away 38,000 qualified students from the csu system because there was no room. >> governor gavin newsom's proposed budget includes $2 million to fund a study about building a new csu campus in the stockton area.
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taking a peek at springlike temperatures. not quite spring but feeling like it with temperatures and upper 60s. 68 in santa rosa, 68 morgan hill. it was 10 to 15 degrees warmer today than it was yesterday. quite a bit of a warm up. we're going to call a little tomorrow to the late to mid-60s. a few clouds from the system to the north and you can kind of see it appear. it is raining up in portland and for northern california. that thinks years apart by the time biggest our latitude and we get clouds in the morning. temperatures in the afternoon will rebound into the low 60s. may be 65 near morgan hill. tonight temperatures are ahead of where they were last night at this time. overnight lows tonight but generally in the upper 30s to mid-40s. dew points are in the very upper 30s. we are not anticipating much fog. it could be some patchy fog but very little if any.
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your plans and stuff should be fine even in the forest bill area. outside tomorrow morning, everybody is off the bottom. upper 30s, low 40s around the bay. 39 morgan hill, you start off with a few clouds. the system passes by and it is gone. it is going to be mild tomorrow. san francisco has 59, which is mild for this time of year. 63 brentwood, 62 hayward and lots of low 60s in morgan hill and san jose. not of the lad not a bad plan for tomorrow. you get the picture. temperatures are pumping up into the 70s. it might be a little warmer than on friday, saturday and sunday. >> the best forecast we have had in a while. the sharks
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were shut out on the road. mark is here with their big win over the minnesota wild as they look to retake the lead in the western conference. the u.s. navy sent is this photo of lieutenant commander sergio martinez of alameda. he is aboard the u.s. as john sees dennis. you are watching the 11:00 news. so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now!
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yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. marcus back with sports. if the sharks continued to play have they have been. >> the warriors are kinda stumbling into the playoffs and the sharks a rolling. is going to be interesting to see who goes further, the way it's going right now. >> i'm redding for the sharks. >> the sharks got it going on. they were not the wild tonight in minnesota. tamed by a very good hockey team on this particular play. this shot hits berkeley in the stomach and goes into the net. that is when you know you've got a going on.
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t-mobile meyer internal playing catch. beautiful hockey. that is 31 goals of the year. and then the rear penalty shots. logan and us frank would say, this in the basket. w wcc basketball flying all over the place. st. mary has to do with on zach up because they were able to get by san diego tonight. jordan had himself a game. it is a five point lead with 5:21 left. san diego makes a move and isaiah right from the corner with three. 1:19 left in it is a two-point lead. they hang on from there. 69ã62 is the final. they get thrown to gonzaga
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tomorrow night. there is the women's final and it does a gold well there either. they fall one port shy of the women of gonzaga. 78ã77. that went to double overtime. big money being spent in the nfl. the free agent season is wild enrolling. the raiders go out on a limb and sign number 77, trent brown. >> look how big he is. >> for years, $66 million to play left tackle and protect derek car. they also signed lamarck's trainer, safety. the 49ers signed kwon alexander, 24 years old. big money spent. in case you missed it over the that needs looking into. the girl is not interested in the soccer match and that make
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sure she has a barney video or something going on and keeps her entertained. in case you missed it:look at this nice stand activity. that is chris paul with him on schubert's little girl. watch closely. miguel tags the runner and he thinks he is throwing it back to the pitcher. you've got to pay attention at all times. >> this is what you call your josh reddick meeting a brick wall. >> he is not going anywhere. >> look at the first baseman. >> josh reddick is okay. >> thank you for joining us tonight.
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